Clean, Scalable Forms with Vue Composition API

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Hi Anthony, I’ve been trying to replicate the forms you describe in the post ‘Clean, Scalable Forms… etc’ and so far I’m having no success. When I run a version of the code, NOT using App.vue but a lower lever component a number of issues appear. Props shows empty in the debugger when using value. 2) the emit isn’t returning a value to the outside component it seems Did this example you post ever work, and if so is it available for learning? Thx

Update - by changing the v-model to v-model:value and emiting update:value it’s all working nicely, thx. Not sure if it was the v-model:value or more likely the emit that was failing to update.

Hi Martin. I’m surprised you need to bind to v-model:value as I believe the default prop that v-model binds to is value. Anyway, if you’d like to check against the code I created, here’s the repo:

Note the v-model contract has changed in Vue 3
prop: value -> modelValue;
event: input -> update:modelValue;

Can you tell me where I need to change the code for this? I think I am missing something because my “errors” variable is always empty despite of validation errors in useInputValidator.js.

I spent hours to find my mistake, but wasn’t successfull. I would be very grateful if you could help me.

Check your use of .value on your refs. I think I see a .values instead. Make sure you have Vetur installed in VS Code, it might help catch thinks like that

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Yes! You found it! :grin: It was the .values instead of .value. :partying_face: Thank you very much!! :grin: