Installing starter code

In this video, we're going to install the starter code for this course's case-study project, Vue.js Cinema so we're ready to begin developing it.

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such a question after cloning and moving to the project folder, go to the git checkout module_1_start branch, then put the dependencies and it is not entirely clear whether they will return to the master or put the dependencies while remaining in the branch?

Great question.

There’s no harm in working on this branch.

Another option would be to checkout a new branch from that one e.g. module_1_start_working that way you won’t affect the original branch. But it doesn’t matter if you do since you can always rollback.

I suggest you do whatever is easiest and makes sense for you.

Hello Anthony, I’m unable to access starter code Cinema via the link you provided in the Vue Cli lesson

Hi Philip,

Sorry about that, I’ve just updated the permissions. Can you try again now?

I am also having trouble getting the starter code for the Vue Essentials course. I am getting a 404 error for both the poster shop starter code and the cinema starter code.

Hi Brian,

Sorry for the issue. I’ve updated your access, can you please try again?

I am able to access both now. Thanks.

I am also unable to access the starter project for the Build a Single-Page App with Vue Router & Vue CLI. In other words, Cinema project.


Should be fixed now, thanks

Yes, its working, thank you

Hi I only just signed up - would I be able to get access as well, please?