Vue Devtools won't display root

Installed beta version so it recognizes vue 3. Have re-installed, restarted node server, restarted and hard refreshed browser, cannot get devtools to display root component. Google searched solutions, none worked. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Chrome on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6.

Hi Rick,

What version of Vue Devtools are you using? A new beta version just came out last week, maybe you could try rollback to the previous version? I’m pretty sure the one I used in the course is 6.0.0 beta 2

Also, which app are you currently working on, Poster shop or Cinema?

Hi Anthony
The release is 6.0.0 beta 3. I can’t seem to find the beta 2 anywhere to install.
I’m working on Poster shop.

Hi Rick, I just tried poster shop with dev tool 6 beta 3 in Chrome, works fine for me. Maybe uninstall/reinstall dev tools?