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Issue #101 - Free Vue.js Crash Course, Nuxt.js v2.4.0 Is Out, How to Make Lazy Loading Actually Work in Vue CLI 3, and moreView this issue onlineSponsoredVueConf.US returns March 25-27 2019 in Tampa Florida USA. VueConf.US brings together Evan You, the Vue.js core team & the Vue community for an event that covers a wide range of topics from core Vue dev with Vue CLI & Vuex to frameworks like Nuxt.js & Laravel7 Must-Read Links From This WeekNuxt 2.4.0 has been released with support for TypeScript, HMR support for Vuex, PostCSS for components, and more. My favorite new features is "smart prefetching" which will automagically prefetch the code-split pages when visible in the viewport.Which platform is better for blog sites, Nuxt, VuePress, Gridsome, or just plain old Vue? Michael Thiessen is providing an in-depth investigation by roadtesting each option to determine the best choice.Using types with JavaScript helps you write cleaner code and detect bugs early. Here's an interesting article from an Elm user showing issues that can arise in Vue projects when types are not used.You can improve the load time of an app by removing all the CSS that the framework provides but doesn't get used. Alex Jover shows how to do this in a Nuxt/Tailwind app using the PurgeCSS plugin.VueCLI 3 automatically prefetches all your module chunks. This article explains how that may not be efficient for some apps, and provides a method for disabling prefetching and using lazy loading instead.Wondering how Vue 3 is going to affect your projects? This article summarizes the key new features and discusses how they will benefit your upcoming projects.A curated collection of resources, clients and tools that make working with GraphQL and Vue awesome.SponsoredBuild stunning applications with the #1 Vue Material framework.Want a fun and powerful introduction to Vue 2? Take this FREE 2-hour video course to learn the basic features and build a real VueJS web app.This book, written for Laravel developers who want to learn and master Vue, provides a detailed guide to full-stack development with these technologies, emphasizing design principles and best practices.Want your sponsored link or post in the next issue? Reply to this email to ask about rates!Thanks for reading!If you enjoyed this issue, show your support by buying me a coffee, or if you’d like to support me to create the newsletter ongoingly, you can make a pledge through Patreon.Until next week,Anthony Gore, curator

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