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Issue #107 - Vue CLI 3 Full-Stack App Architecture, Vue + TypeScript Cookbook, So What’s New in Vue 2.6? and moreView this issue onlineOur latest Vue.js articleIf you're creating a full-stack app with Vue, you may still want the advantages of Vue CLI 3. But how do you integrate a Node server into the CLI scaffold?6 Must-Read Links From This WeekThe author ran into many roadblocks when adding TypeScript to a Vue project. He created this cookbook to help others who might have similar questions about how to hit the ground running with Vue + TS.This article about Gridsome will show you how to set it up and create a sample profile listing site, demo its major features, and see how it compares to other static sites generators.This article takes a quick look at the new and shiny things that shipped with the Vue 2.6 as well as important changes including the new slot syntax, async error handling, dynamic directive arguments, and more.Carousels have become one of the core elements used in modern web development. Why? Because they allow users to skim through available content without vertical scrolling, saving time and keeping cognitive load to a minimum. This is reason enough to learn how to build carousels in Vue!Snapshots help you test rendered output by describing how the component is rendered given a specific state, and in later runs, the snapshots are compared to check its validity. This article shows you how to set up a snapshot using Jest and Vue Test Utils.One of the key advantages of Vue.js is that it is easy to wrap up non-Vue code into Vue. This article explores this advantage, covering three distinct types of third-party JavaScript and ways to embed each of them in Vue.SponsoredOver the past 18 months, CodeFund has paid out nearly $100,000 to developers all over the world (including the NUXTJS team). We are looking for more projects to help fund through ethical advertising.Build stunning applications with the #1 Vue Material framework.Learn what Vue is, what kind of apps you can build with it, how it compares to React & Angular, and more in this free 30-minute video introduction.Special thanks to our senior Patreon sponsors Vue School.Want your sponsored link or post in the next issue? Reply to this email to ask about rates!Thanks for reading!If you enjoyed this issue, show your support by buying me a coffee, or if you’d like to support me to create the newsletter ongoingly, you can make a pledge through Patreon.Until next week,Anthony Gore, curator

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