Vue.js Developers Newsletter Issue #126

Newsletter Issue #126View this issue onlineHandling async functions in Vue components usually involves multiple lifecycle hooks and quite a few lines of code. This article will show you how to make terser async calls using the new Vue function API.The renderless component pattern is a great way to make reusable elements in Vue.js. How does this pattern work with, or compare to, the proposed function API?It's a must to document your components when building a large Vue app. Learn how to easily auto-generate component documentation using the Vue Documenter project and only a dash of metadata in your component files.Semantic HTML continues to be important, but when designing reusable components, we often don’t know where and how our components will used. Learn how to create Vue.js components that render semantic HTML.SponsoredAccelerate development with metrics, traces, logs, and synthetic monitors all within a single platform. Save time creating and maintaining browser tests with Datadog’s automated, AI-driven tests. Try monitoring without the need for Selenium for free.It's a whole lot of fun to use WordPress as a headless CMS with Vue. This in-depth tutorial will show you how to create models with custom fields in WordPress, build custom endpoint for the WP REST API, and consume it all in a Vue.js SPA.In this article, you'll learn to build an interactive and distraction-free form using advanced concepts of the Vue.js framework and other supporting libraries for form validation and animation.If your app is used all over the world, you will need to add internationalization. Learn how to build an app using the vue-i18n plugin, then translate the text in your application, and provide a way for users to toggle between different languages.SponsoredOur first React course launched in 2016 and has now been taken by over 80K students with an avg rating of 4.8/5. Our brand new React and React Hooks courses launched today and will teach you everything you need to know about writing React in 2019.Special thanks to my senior Patreon sponsors Vue School.

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