Vue.js Developers Newsletter Issue #128

Newsletter Issue #128View this issue onlineSponsoredWe bring together 17 of the leading minds in UX, design, and development for three incredible days of inspiration, enlightenment, and education. Check out upcoming dates and get $100 off any 2- or 3-day registration.VuePress core maintainer ULIVZ is putting together a team to help in the ongoing maintenance and development of VuePress. Are you interested?Vue’s function-based API presents a clean and flexible way to compose logic inside and between components. See how effective component composition be achieved without the need for higher-order components and mixins.Check out this Vue.js port of the Moveable library that allows you to create elements that are moveable, draggable, resizable, scalable, rotatable, and warpable!Learn how to build a web app with chat and video conference functionality from scratch, with features like rooms and user status. Technologies used in this tutorial include Vue, WebRTC, Node, SocketIO, and Redis.Learn how to build a text-based game like the PC classic "Lemonade Stand" with Vue and Vuex.Check out some of the new proposed features of ES2019 that could soon find a way into your everyday JavaScript code.I don't see enough people talking about practical ways to improve with JavaScript, so here are some of the top methods you can use to write better JS.

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