Vue.js Developers Newsletter Issue #130

Newsletter Issue #130View this issue onlineSponsoredBuild your skills in the company of the smartest developers, designers, and strategists in the industry. Get $100 off any 2- or 3-day registration with code AEAVUEJS.The proposed new API for Vue.js 3 has been renamed to "Composition API". Evan has published new documentation and strongly recommends that everyone reads this new version in its entirety.Modern web development has moved away from separating concerns by file type and as such lacks a clean way to extract and reuse logic between components. Learn how the Vue.js Composition API is trying to fix this.SOLID is a set of object-oriented principles intended to make code more flexible, readable and maintainable. This article takes a look at these principles in a real Vue project and shows how to avoid violations.In this article, you'll learn how to optimize routing performance of your Vue application and decrease your bundle size dramatically in just a few minutes.Learn how to build a modern web app using Vue.js for the frontend, and a Spring Boot, Kotlin, and GraphQL API for the backend.mapGetters is a Vuex feature that utilizes the ES6 spread operator to make it easier to reuse getters across multiple components. This article explains how it works in great detail.A useful object-oriented pattern in JavaScript and other languages is the "fluent API" (aka fluent interface).  Using this pattern can make your code much easier to read and to write by allowing your methods to be chainable.

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