Vue.js Developers Newsletter Issue #132

Newsletter Issue #132View this issue onlineSponsoredChat and messaging are critical components for application success. In this tutorial by Stream, you will learn how to build a full-fledged chat application powered by Vue.js and Stream Chat – a leading chat API provider.The Vue Community Guide is an initiative to help new (and old) Vue devs by giving them categorized and summarized information about the most popular Vue tools, plugins, and other useful resources.VeeValidate 3.0 has been released, offering much-needed improvements and new features. It also introduces breaking changes, including the deprecation of the v-validate directive that once gave the project its name.The current Vue CLI 4 release candidate offers a variety of new features and bug fixes including the inline-vue flag to avoid externalization of Vue in lib and wc mode, and the skip-plugins flag to disable applied plugins during a build.Moving from using Vue.js on the web to native iOS and Android is powerful and exciting, but also has its pitfalls. Raymond Camden describes some tips and tricks he learned on his journey with NativeScript-Vue.This is a quick post to show the different ways you can make Vue.js components available inside markdown content. At the same time, you'll see how to import .md files inside Vue components.In this article, you'll learn to build an address book app with Vue.js that displays a contact's location with Google Maps. Plus, a contact form will be added to allow users to add and edit contacts.Nuxt.js allows for single-page app static-site generation, as well as server-side rendering. What’s amazing is that if you hook it up to a CMS, you can power all the content from there, including page routing.SponsoredLooking to upgrade your skills? Here’s something that will really help—Manning Publications are offering an exclusive 40% off your entire order at Click to find out how and get learning!Special thanks to my senior Patreon sponsors Vue School & Snipcart.

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