Vue.js Developers Newsletter Issue #140

Newsletter Issue #140View this issue onlineDo you have some experience with web development but don’t know how to start contributing to an open-source project? This article documents the steps the author took in making a bug fix on the Vue 3 codebase.Provide/inject allows a component to serve as a dependency injector for all its descendants, but is not reactive by default. In this article, you'll learn how to pass reactive data.This article compares a small bit of UI functionality in two completely different but equally innovative languages that are both used for the web - Elm and Vue.This article shows you how to create a scroll shadow effect and how to build a reusable scrolling shadow Vue.js component.SponsoredLearn actionable best practices to help you protect your Node.js backend applications. Download the checklist for tips on monitoring, infrastructure, protection, and moreOne of the key advantages of the new Vue Composition API is that it allows code to be easily reused across components. In this tutorial, you'll learn to use the new API to make a reusable Firebase integration.This article shows how an obscure CSS feature, conic gradient, can be used to build a pie chart component using Vue.As JavaScript is a very flexible language, there are many ways to create objects as well as implement inheritance. This post will discuss a confusing but important topic - prototypal inheritance.

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