Vue.js Developers Newsletter Issue #141

Newsletter Issue #141View this issue onlineSponsoredCheck out the awesome full-day workshops available at Vueconf.US March 2-4, 2020 in Austin Texas, USA. Learn from members of the Core team about what's new in Vue 3.0, Reusable Components, Vue State Management, Design Patterns, Vuetify and moreEvery year there’s a steady stream of small, incremental improvements to JavaScript that go under the radar for most developers. This article covers some modern features that didn’t get much airtime when they first came out.The drag-and-drop interaction was invented in the 1970's. So how come making things draggable on the web is still so painful? This article shows how building a drag-and-drop web experience today is still difficult but not impossible.“Storybooking” is the process of organizing project and component requirements in a way that can be easily communicated to stakeholders. This article introduces the nuxt-stories module which aims to make Nuxt storybooking painless.The Vue.js team is bringing some exciting new features in Vue 3 including the Composition API, fragments, portals, and suspense, to name a few.Here are 10 top practices the author has developed while building and maintaining Vue projects with a large codebase.Vue is a powerful framework that works by taking control of the DOM. However, there are some HTML features like Canvas that Vue does not control out of the box.Are you ready to take the plunge and create or migrate an app using the new Vue Composition API? This curated list of articles and resources will help you on your way.

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