Vue.js Developers Newsletter Issue #142

Newsletter Issue #142View this issue onlineThis article is based on a real-world problem faced by a frontend dev team that needed to create a complex multi-step form with Vue, Vuex, and Vue Router.VueStator is a new state-management library for Vue that leverages Vue.observable() as a way of reducing the pain and excessive cruft of Vuex.Vapper.js is a cool new Vue-based SSR framework. This article helps to explain why you'd choose Vapper over alternatives like Nuxt and Quasar.This article identifies potential pitfalls when using utility-first CSS frameworks and how to use Vue.js functional components to create abstractions for repeating patterns like cards and headlines.SponsoredLearn actionable best practices to help you protect your Node.js backend applications. Download the checklist for tips on monitoring, infrastructure, protection, and moreThe new Vue Timeline library provides an easy-to-use component for building a beautiful responsive timeline UI feature.You may have heard of the inject/provider feature of Vue, but are you aware of how to use it? This article will help to clear any confusion.The topic of this VueDose tip is to create super-generic, flexible and yet robust components using CSS custom propertiesSponsoredVue School is the ideal place to learn about Vue.js, Nuxtjs, Javascript, Testing and more. With 300+ video lessons from beginner to advanced level!Special thanks to my senior Patreon sponsors Snipcart.

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