Vue.js Developers Newsletter Issue #152

Newsletter Issue #152View this issue onlineIf you want to read or write data from a Vue app, you'll most likely want to use AJAX. This guide compares the most popular approaches.In complex Vue.js applications, business and UI logic can become so coupled that your code will be almost too difficult to understand. Separate your concerns, and avoid the UI/business logic mess before it happens.This new official Vue CLI plugin is a quick way to try out the Vue 3 alpha. Note that Vue 3 is still not production-ready, and there might be bugs and undocumented behavioral differences from Vue 2.Web components are part of the native web platform. But wouldn't it be nice if we could write Vue components and ship web components, therefore getting all the convenient features of the Vue framework?SponsoredLearn how to improve the security of your Node.js app with a list of actionable best practices that help you protect your backend applications. Download the security handbook made for developers.Test-Driven Development is one of the best ways to ensure that components don't let our users down and bugs don't run rampant. In this article, you'll learn how to build a Vue widget in isolation using Storybook and TDD with Jest.This article is a thorough walkthrough of how to set up a basic CRUD app with Vue and the Flask Python framework.Although it was originally designed for technical documentation, you can use VuePress to create landing pages, portfolios, and blogs - all of which can be enhanced with markdown.SponsoredSpeed through your data with multiple query options in Studio 3T. Generate flawless driver-code in your favorite languages, write and run SQL queries and build powerful aggregations.Special thanks to my senior Patreon sponsors Snipcart.

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