Vue.js Developers Newsletter Issue #155

Newsletter Issue #155View this issue onlineVue CLI v4.2 has been released. Notable changes include a fix for the Vue CLI UI CORS issue and upgrades of various plugins including ESLint 6.Looking to add charts to your next Vue project? This article compares some of the best chart engines including vue-chartjs, vue-plotley, and vue-apexcharts.Have you ever needed a countdown timer in a Vue project? It's natural to want to reach for an open-source plugin, but it's easier to make one from scratch than you might think.Authentication is crucial in a lot of web apps. The goal of this article is to show the recommended way to handle route authorization in Vue with some simple and understandable code examples.This tutorial describes a solution for switching between different layouts in a Vue.js app.This article show two different patterns for Vue component tests using server-side rendering in Node.js, and also with scaffolding in PuppeteerHandoff lets you design like you would in any traditional vector drawing tool, but export to clean, production-ready Vue.js code.SponsoredTried Vue School? The longest-running community Vue learning platform + our XXL Patreon backer. They offer over 300 Vue.js, Nuxt.js, and JavaScript video lessons for beginners and experienced devs. With tons of learning content for FREE!Special thanks to my senior Patreon sponsors Snipcart.

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