Vue.js Developers Newsletter Issue #164

Newsletter Issue #164View this issue onlineThe 11th alpha of Vue.js has been released. One major change in this version is the renaming of the `portal` component to `teleport` to avoid potential naming conflict with native portals.Are you building a large multi-page Vue app? Rather than building a monolith, you could break it into connected micro apps providing such advantages as easier maintenance, concurrent builds, and concurrent testing.Setting up a Vue.js website with internationalization (i18n) is easier than you might think. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make your site multilingual by using VueI18n, a great package from the core Vue devs.The first alpha for vue-test-utils-next, which targets Vue 3, has been released. The API will be kept as close as possible to the original vue-test-utils."Styled Components" is a component-first approach to styling your web apps. It means your components can be complete UI units rather than just structure and logic that gets styled from a separate stylesheet.Vue Auth version 3 has been released. Improvements include an updated documentation site as well as various bug fixes and some new features.With the upcoming release of Vue 3 and its much-anticipated Composition API, you may be wondering if Vuex is still needed or if it will soon become obsolete.SponsoredOur partner Vue School is offering a generous $40 DISCOUNT! Want to Level up your Vue and Web Development skills? Sign up now!Special thanks to my senior Patreon sponsors Snipcart.

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