Vue.js Developers Newsletter Issue #167

Newsletter Issue #167View this issue onlineVue 3 beta version 9 has been released including new features and bug fixes.Vue 3's Composition API is not only a new, revolutionary way of sharing reusable code between components but is also a great alternative to popular state management libraries like Vuex.Learn three different approaches for managing the ever-growing pile of third party code snippets being added to your Nuxt codebase.There are two ways you can define an asynchronous component with Vue. This article explores the new Asynchronous Component API proposed for Vue.js 3.In this article, you'll see how to consume APIs using the "repository pattern" which is suitable for enterprise-ready Nuxt.js apps.Vue creator Evan You has announced VitePress, a fork of VuePress which uses his new Vue compiler Vite. Some of the improvements over VuePress include greater speed and lighter page size.Vue 3 introduces breaking changes in order to deliver many of its new and superior features. This article explains how to migrate from Vue 2 to Vue 3 and navigate these breaking, a SaaS business used by over 100,000 websites, is hiring! If you’re passionate about Vue.js and want to become part of their international team, have a look at their job post.

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