Vue.js Developers Newsletter Issue #169

Newsletter Issue #169View this issue onlineIf you want to become a more advanced Vue developer, especially if you want to use advanced features like the Composition API, it's important to have some level of understanding of how reactivity works under the hood.Most people agree the Composition API provides the best pattern for component logic reuse. So will the higher-order components (HOC) pattern still be necessary after the release of Vue 3?This tutorial is a step-by-step guide to building a functional survey app using Vue.js and Firebase. From validating the user’s data through Vuelidate, to authentication and data storage using Firebase servers.Learn how to communicate with all of your analytics providers and remarketing integrations in a Nuxt.js app using the event bus pattern.This article discusses ways of establishing a solid base for a large application by using Vue, Vuex, and TypeScript to create a fully type-checked Vuex store.If all you're trying to do is add some basic PWA magic to your Vue.js app, the Vue CLI PWA plugin is pure magic. What it doesn't do out of the box, though, is handle activation of the service worker when an updated one is found.Laravel Sanctum is a featherweight package for authenticating Vue, React, and native mobile applications to a Laravel backend.SponsoredOur partner Vue School is offering a generous $40 DISCOUNT on their fun and educational courses if you sign up now!

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